Wyoming Catholic Ministries Foundation

Promoting and supporting the ministries of the Diocese of Cheyenne.

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Who We Are

In September of 1994, the Diocesan Finance Council recommended a feasibility study to examine the formation of a foundation for the Diocese of Cheyenne. A committee consisting of, the Moderator of the Curia, the Diocesan Finance Officer, the Diocesan Civil Attorney and the Diocesan Accountant was formed and reported their findings. After considering the report and much discussion, the Diocesan Financial Council and the College of Consultors recommended in 1997 that the Wyoming Catholic Ministries Foundation be formed and the recommendation was accepted.. In March of 1998, the Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State and The Wyoming Catholic Ministries Foundation was founded as both a public juridic person in canon law and as a Wyoming nonprofit religious corporation.


What We Do

Today the Wyoming Catholic Ministries Foundation, governed by an independent Board of Directors, which includes Bishop Paul D. Etienne as its president, promotes and supports the ministries of the Diocese of Cheyenne. This support comes in the form of grants for:

· Catholic Education
· Seminarian Education
· Technology upgrades for parishes and schools
· Clergy Education
· Youth Ministry
· Retired clergy Medicare supplement assistance
· Diocesan administration
· Elderly housing assistance
· Hispanic Ministry
· Continuing education for parish staff
· Parish loans for capital projects
· Religious Education programs
· Anti-bullying programs in Catholic schools
· Other Catholic ministries not originated in parishes

In addition, the WCMF manages a charitable gift annuity program that allows donors to generate a stream of current income for themselves while benefitting Catholic ministries in the Diocese for years into the future. The WCMF also manages investments for Catholic parishes and schools using sophisticated investment management tools and ensuring that investments meet the guidelines established by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops for support of Catholic social doctrine.


Our Mission

The Wyoming Catholic Ministries Foundation operates for the purpose of supporting the religious, charitable, ministerial, and educational programs of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Cheyenne, as expressed in the teachings, the canon law, and the customs and practices of the Catholic Church. The WCMF provides acceptance, investment management, and distribution of gifts and other assets entrusted to its care by the generous benefactors of the Church.